The Countryside Alliance is a political campaigning force that promotes and protects the rural way of life. The Alliance represents the interests of its members and supporters in parliament, in the media and on the ground.

Our aim is to achieve a better understanding and acceptance of lawful hunting activities, protecting them from bias, misinformation and over-regulation to ensure they have a long-term and sustainable future. 

What do we do?

Through consultations, meetings, and events with politicians, policy-makers and civil servants, we promote real rural issues in Westminster and across the devolved administrations to ensure that law and policy support the demands of those whose lives it affects.

We also campaign for rural communities on issues that matter to those who live and work in the countryside, while publicising the economic, social and environmental contribution activities like hunting, shooting and the countryside as a whole make to the national economy and quality of life. From digital connectivity and supporting local businesses, to educating others on rural crime and advocating for farmers up and down the country, our campaigns are constantly evolving. 

Representatives from the Alliance regularly feature in both print and broadcast media. As well as national coverage, the Alliance works to ensure representation is fair in local news too. Preaching to the converted is easy but the Alliance prides itself in championing the rural way of life across the national media on a daily basis, reaching millions of readers and viewers monthly.

Our charity, The Countryside Alliance Foundation, aims to help adults and children alike make the most of the incredible remedial and educational benefits of being involved in the natural environment. In particular by introducing people to fishing, we inspire them to become passionate about the countryside while helping to protect the natural environment.

If you care about the rural way of life, and want to stand shoulder to shoulder with other country people to protect your lifestyle, join us today

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